About us

Daniel Achille B.J. was born in Belgium in 1940, the son of Bernard Ceuppens and Annie Van Campenhout. He migrated with his family at the age of 8, along with other Belgian families to Capitán Miranda, Itapúa, finally settling in a dairy in Fernando de la Mora.
In 1963 Daniel Achille B.J. meets his future wife, who was dedicated to incubating fertile eggs; raising and fattening chickens, as a hobby, in his own home. The small incubator with which they began the industrialization process had a capacity of 100 eggs; the fertile eggs were brought from Buenos Aires.

What we do

We work daily with the highest standards of quality and food safety to bring highly nutritious products to the tables of families in Paraguay and around the world, in line with the company’s motto: deliciously natural.


Our Commitment to the Environment

At PECHUGON, we are committed to contributing to the environment, which has driven us to undertake reforestation projects across various locations where we undertake our productive activities

In the Western Region: 60 hectares planted with Eucalyptus Camaldulensis species in Villa Hayes.

In the Eastern Region: 250 hectares planted with Eucalyptus Camaldulensis species, cloned Eucalyptus varieties, and native Ingá variety in San José de los Arroyos; 60 hectares planted  with Eucalyptus Camaldulensis species in Villeta; 7 hectares planted with Eucalyptus Camaldulensis species in Nueva Italia; and 5 hectares planted with cloned Eucalyptus varieties in Capiatá.


Featured Products

Awards & Certifications

We have received numerous awards and recognitions for our exports, brand positioning, and consumer preference. We also hold quality certifications from various regulatory and certification bodies.